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Phone Booths For Every Budget

A office phone booth allows workers to temporarily step out of the hub-bub of their open plan environment and engage entirely on their work. Office phone booths are consequently becoming more innovative and aesthetically appealing.

Companies are waking up very quickly to the fact that providing a range of environments for workers will result in a range of different behaviours. Some of these can be incredibly advantageous to a company attempting to maximise productivity.

An office booth is free from any noise pollution, allowing you to remain professional and focused during an important call.

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Meeting Pods

Looking For Something Bigger?

As each year goes by, employers become more aware of the importance of supporting the diverse needs of their workers. As a business owner, it is now essential to consider the different requirements and approaches of employees.

The addition of office meeting room pods to any work environment acknowledges the different styles of achieving in your team. Furthermore clever placement of office meeting pods means you will still have access to natural light, whether working inside of a meeting pod or outside of it.

All Meeting Pods can be personalised in design to reflect the character of your office or business and to further create a recognisably separate place of retreat.

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