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"I got in touch with Apres Furniture in September 2018 and our pods were delivered and installed before Christmas in our Chorleywood HQ. Our meeting pods are a great addition to our office and have already made life easier for interviews and client meetings in our open areas. Big thanks to Richard and the team at Apres for delivering an excellent service from start to finish and for the installation team for being tidy and efficient. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of using Apres. All the best, Fel."
Fel Davison Headshot

Fel Davison
Office Manager, Loudwater Estates Ltd.

How Can Office Pods Improve Your Company?

Spacio For Agile Working

Silence is Golden

Designed in Germany, these acoustic pods are made to insulate users from the everyday noises associated with open plan offices, affording them some much-needed privacy to fulfill mentally strenuous tasks without interruption or make phone calls that should not be overheard. 

Our meeting pods offer workers the closest thing to silence. All of the meeting pods are fine-tuned to human speech and actually filter out 95% of outside noise through the clever use of soft paneling and insulation. Which basically means that aeroplanes can take off and land beside you in the office and all you’ll hear is your director’s voice on the other side of the phone.

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Customise To Fit Your Brand

Variety is the spice of life, and for that reason Spacio Pods come as standard with interchangeable panels. Colour-code your pod to match up with your current office interiors or design your own personalised visibility strips that echo your brand personality.

Available with power and data modules, a very nifty PIR system that switches lights on and off automatically and a built-in fan to make sure you keep your cool during those heated calls. 

Cleverly designed to allow multiple pods to be linked together, share panels can save you money on material costs while enjoying the quiet benefits of multiple pods. 

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The Science Behind The Pod

Research findings confirm improvements resulting from
increased speech privacy -

Focus – The ability of office workers to focus on their tasks improved by 47%

Distractions – “Conversational distractions” decreased by 51%

Error-rates – Performance of standard “information worker” tasks improved by 10%

Stress – When measured in terms of the actual physical symptoms of stress, stress was reduced by 27%

–David M. Sykes, Ph.D. (2004)

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Distraction Free

• More than 70% of workers believe noise is the most significant workplace distraction

• Over 80% of workers believe a quieter environment would enable them to be more productive

• The majority of workers believe reducing distracting noise increases their productivity

• The majority of workers identify conversation as the type of noise that most affects work performance

"Noise levels in a typical open plan office range between 45 and 55 dB. Noise created inside the Spacio Booths and Pods are reduced by up to 35 dB, providing a significant increase in speech & work privacy"

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